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RASULULLAH SAW SAID: "Love one on earth that you will be loved by a creature which is in heaven" (History Tabrani)



Love love the Faith and Piety

The Prophet said: You will not believe until you love. They said: "We're all loving" Messenger of Allah said: "Verily, love is not only a friend, but a blessing to mankind, to love all mankind." (History Tabrani)


"Words of love lies at the heart of the poet. Although hidden, but once saw vibration. It can affect the mind at once to give effect to the action. Really, love to put bitter for sweet, moving dust gold, cloudy to clear, sick are healed, the prison became well, the pain becomes pleasure, and anger into mercy. Love can soften steel, destroying coral reefs, raise the dead, and breathed life into him and make me a leader. This is the enormity of love! " (Jalaluddin Rumi).


Especially Love

What a beauty of Islam! In it there should be laws that govern how people manage feelings of love, resulting in a deeper love, more noble, and more abadi.Islam teaches that the power of human love to be nurtured in God the Creator, to love Him far more than in love with fellow beings. Hence, the love of fellow beings devoted solely because of his love.

Is essentially the word of Allah in Surah al-Baqarah, verse 165, "And of mankind there are those who take other than God to love them love them as they love Allah. While those who believe is the (Muslim) love of God. "

Islam teaches people about the management of love, which is how humans should organize her love priority scale. The highest feeling of love is to Allah, and His Messenger. Love of fellow beings is managed in accordance with his word that the two parents, kinsfolk, orphans, poor people, neighbors near and far neighbors, colleagues, and the holy ibn slaves. Meanwhile, property, shelter, and power is also well positioned to be loved at a lower place. Glory to Allah, Allah is Great!

Feelings of love are abstract. But love can be established with the action seen by the eye.


Among the signs of love for God is an increasing bermunajat, sunnah prayers, reading the Quran and chanting because he wanted to stay together and devote all of his feelings only. When Sang Khaliq sound azan called by then he was rushed to the place of prayer to see Him. Even when the night comes, he is sincere to wake up alone (close proximity) with God through prayer tahajjud lover. What a beautiful braid love it!


It can be seen from the words below:

"Someone will have good win, to feel pleasure and pure enjoyment unless the Oneness of love for God alone, and Allah is more beloved than the others" (Ibn Qayyim al-Jauziah)


Love God Love the Prophet

Be assured, O my brother, and lean is a form of affection and love of God to his servants who believe. He was given the difficulty of ruhiyah tarbiyah us from God, for we realize that we as beings are weak, we can not do anything except by His permission. Finally, we live for proven, and fought hard to show our love for God, for we are protected from fake love.And God will not forsake his servants the right to sacrifice for him.

To prove our love for God, there are some things that we need to prepare a strong faith, faith in work, go all out to implement the mandatory and the Sunnah of worship, such as qiyamullail, Sunnah fasting, reading the Qur'an and pursue knowledge. Fruits of worship that we do in God, with keistiqamahan practice in every breath and step of this life, Insta-Allah we will be reaching for love and pleasure-loving Nya.Cinta and lead to happiness. The wife loves her husband, parents love their children, children love their parents, the neighbors love neighbors, then the result is people will live with and love the world, be safe and peaceful.


Greatest Love

It was lost when people just love diletihkan the world, the pursuit of love creatures, hunting for treasure in every way, and do not want to help people who need help. While the fate in the afterlife is determined by the practice in this world, strive to love God, or swept away by this mortal world. Only those who fear that can only prove that true love to God Almighty.

The right words for it like this:

'I love you because of religion that is in you, if you lose faith in you, lost my love for you. " {Imam Nawawi)


Love the power factor is COMMUNICATION.

There is no other more than COMMUNICATION that determine fluctuations in the power of love. Read how great the power factor of the alleged communication of love here. Because the people who constantly communicate will be more friendly, would love terlahirnya. He made love for fellow human beings for human beings to understand the love and power factor of love. When people understand this, then surely people will be easier to love God with the owner.

Communication is always with God because communication is the factor of love. More communication, more warm love to God. More great love of God. Deeper love for God. With communication, more peaceful life because love is not blocked. Communication with God more soothing the soul because the problems are shared and expressed to the loved ones of God.

Remember that THERE IS NO GOD OTHER THAN OURSELVES TO happy. Communication is always with God because everything will not happen without God's permission. Communication with what God thinks, be seen, heard and done.
Always Remember and Say the name of God.

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