Saturday, February 18, 2012

30 "FACT" About Female (part 1)

  Assalammualaikum wbt and peace be upon to all visitor and all reader. Today, we going to take our mind and ourself to the 'female' world (if you a male though). There a few things that caught my interest about this particular "STORY". This "STORY" is a fact, some may true some are not. But, I test it on someone, asking a female, about some of the fact. Yes, it prove to be true along the way...

  Well this tips and fact is really (I say really really) important to us, male, to try to understand female more better than before. My country is Malaysia, so I don't know if it work on other country. As wise man once say, human have it own unique life, different to each human that live. So back to our main article... This is a tips for all of you to understand female, either it for 'love' or in 'friendship'. Here some warn for ya,



The "STORY" which is;
1. When a woman say she is crying, but did not shed a tear, that means she crying within her heart.

2.  Woman love to be praise but one thing they do not know is how to accept the praise that given for them.

3.  Woman hard to find something that they HATE about the person they love. (that's why some woman feel 'crush' and 'heart-broken to ashes' so badly when their relationship end)

4.  When woman ignore you after you hurt her heart or similar to it, give her time to calm down before you address her with an apology.

A Boy asking for forgiveness...

5.  If you does not like that particular girl or woman that love you till death, try to reject her love softly with tender, never been harsh or insolent to her, because there a spirit or soul in female with you never know exist, that when they make a decision they will do anything for it.

6.   If a girl or woman started to distance themselves from you after you reject her love, let her alone for awhile.If you still want to consider her as a friends, try to talk again but in slow phase.

7.  When a girl fall in love truly with all of her heart, the person she love always be in her mind even when she going out with other men or school friends.

8.  When the man she loved and the 'love' stared hardly directly to her eyes, she will melting like a chocolate. (sorry I prefer chocolate, you can replace with anything else).

9.  Women love to express their-self on what they feel. Music, poetry, painting, and writing is the easiest way to express on what they feel. (sometimes through kisses or ..... something).

10.  NEVER EVER tell a woman or girl that they are worthless or dud. NEVER!!

11.  Well been too serious may affect their mood. Trust me, woman or girl does not like to be 'too serious'. They are kinda 'happy' or 'cheerful'. So if you want to get serious, try to do it slowly until she know that you try to make the conversation with a serious matter.

12.  A smile to a man may not seem worth or meaningless. But, to woman SMILE bring a thousand of meaning. So do not smile arbitrary.

13.  If you love a girl try to begin your relationship with friendship. Friendship is good starting point. From it, a love is develop. Then, let them know more about you.

14.  If the woman you love giving a thousand and hundred of excuses when you asking her to go out, LEAVE HER, because she does not have any interest on you. But at some point, if she give excuses, she may have some problems with family or some rules they had to follow.

15.  But if she still call you or keep contact with you or waiting for you, go for it. Catch her.


SORRY... I will try to keep writing for the other part...



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